Galvanizing and paints

galvanizeIn house Hot Dipped Galvanizing to international Standards
RebMech uses a semi automated plant for galvanizing tower members. Galvanizing is done to meet the relevant ASTM or BS standards using the FLASH PRE FLUX METHOD followed by passivative cooling to ensure superior surface quality.

Extra long life paint coatings from SIKA – Germany
RebMech uses a 2 component method of painting tower members based on coatings and technology supplied by SIKA of Germany.
The process begins with extensive surface preparation of freshly galvanised tower members to ensure near zero contamination of the surfaces especially eliminating any white rust and other impurities present in the manufacturing process followed by the application of an Epoxy Primer. The members are then dried under controlled conditions and a polyurethane top coat is applied to form a total dry film thickness of 200 microns.
The SIKA system applied under closely controlled factory conditions ensures superior scratch resistance compared with other marine grade 2 component coating systems. RebMech guarantees a life span of 10 years for paint coatings carried out by the company.