The Beginning
Our Story

With strong roots in highly specialized, custom specific engineering solutions development, Reb Mech possesses unique expertise and know-how in designing, manufacturing, erection and maintenance of steel towers for the telecommunications, radio, television and defense related industries.

Behind us is a legacy of experience - years of meeting diverse customer needs and varied loading conditions that empower optimized solutions. The solutions we develop meet exact customer needs, minimize lifecycle costs and ensure flexibility.

Having been the market leader for manufacturing of steel towers in Sri Lanka since inception in 1994, we have now grown into a dynamic global presence with CAD/CAM manufacturing facilities in China and Ghana, enabling quick and cost effective delivery to the Asian and African continents.

We have delivered solutions for some of the world’s leading companies, having handled multiple large-scale projects on their behalf in varied locations. We have worked with market leaders in the telecommunications industry such as Ericsson, Alcatel, Dhiragu, Wathaniya, Tigo, Hutch, MT Africa, ZTE, Lonestar, Huawei, Orascom, Africell and Harris Stratex, Mobitel-Telstra along with  Government Institutions and Military Establishments.

The goodwill and customer satisfaction we have earned over the years has been our biggest investment.


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Telecommunication tower
Engineering solutions work best when combined with expressed human needs
Our Journey of Milestones
A Legacy of Excellence

Distinguished by a trailblazing spirit and an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, Reb Mech (Pvt) Ltd proudly showcases a rich tapestry of accolades and honors. From the esteemed World Quality Commitment Gold Award in Paris to the Presidential Export Award in Sri Lanka, our journey is adorned with recognition on both global and local stages.


Global Presence
The Reach of Reb Mech's Engineering Excellence

From the heart of Sri Lanka to strategic locations across Africa and beyond, witness the widespread impact of our engineering excellence. Each pin on the map represents a milestone, a project, and a commitment to shaping a connected and a sustainable world. Join us on this visual journey and discover the diverse regions where Reb Mech has left an indelible mark, connecting communities and building a legacy of innovation."