Reb Mech maintains a strong commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, Reb Mech stands at the forefront of customer focused engineering, leaving an indelible mark in specialized projects.

Telecommunication tower with a  sunlight. Used to transmit television signals.
Telecom Worker Climbing Antenna Tower with Tools and Harness

About Reb Mech

Engineering Excellence Unveiled

For over two decades, Reb Mech (Pvt) Ltd has been a leader in the field of engineering, with a vibrant legacy defined by innovation, expertise, and a global presence.

Having commenced our journey in Sri Lanka, we have today grown into a dynamic organization with undisputed leadership in specialized engineering projects.

With a footprint extending across the world, Reb Mech has carved a niche as global engineering specialist.

Our solutions are not just structures; they are innovative, versatile and contribute towards seamless connectivity.

combining innovation and functionality

we drive the future with
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Precision Engineering Solutions

This is where innovation meets precision in engineering excellence. As a leading engineering company specializing in bespoke solutions, we take pride in crafting tailored engineering solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique requirements. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers is committed to turning your visions into reality, delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate your projects to new heights.

At Reb Mech

we understand that each project is distinct, presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. That's why we take a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives. From concept to completion, our engineers leverage their expertise to design, fabricate, and implement custom solutions that surpass expectations; whether it's precision machining, advanced solutions or intricate structural engineering

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Designing, manufacturing, erecting, and maintaining towers that connect the world.


Pre-Fabricated Building Systems

Crafting solutions for offices, factories, and industrial projects with efficiency and adaptability.


Wiremesh Fencing

Pioneering sustainability, our panels redefine aesthetics in fencing through recycled plastic.


Design and Build

We manufacture need specific machinery that meets customer specific requirements.

Rebco Towers

Showcasing RebCo
towers on site

Take a visual tour around the innovative RebCo Towers universe. 

Our Team

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Founder And Thinker

Jack Rian

Ceo And Head Of Idea

Lukan Depina

Product Designer

Serge Hunt

Project Manager

Angine Torres


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