Reb Mech

Pre-Fabricated Building Systems

Pre-Fabricated Building Systems

Discover the future of construction with Reb Mech's Pre-Fabricated Building Systems. Engineered for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, our pre-fabricated structures redefine the construction landscape. From residential to industrial applications, Reb Mech brings you a seamless and cost-effective solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Expertise
Mastering Precision and Innovation

At RebCo, our expertise stands as a beacon of innovation and precision in the realm of engineering excellence. With an unwavering commitment to mastering the intricacies of cutting-edge technology, we bring over two decades of unparalleled experience to the forefront. Our specialized focus on steel towers for communication, broadcasting, and an array of wire mesh products reflects a legacy defined by innovation, expertise, and a global impact. As we navigate the complex landscape of infrastructure development, our latest venture, Rebco Steel Buildings, further attests to our intention to provide modern, cost-effective pre-fabricated steel buildings and structures for the evolving needs of the construction community. Step into a world where expertise meets innovation, and let us build the future together.

Rebco C Purling
No Height a/mm Width b/mm Lip Size c/mm Thickness t/mm int.Length mm Usage
1 75 40 15 1.6 165 Common Type
2 100 50 20 1.6 220 Common Type
3 100 50 20 2.0 210 Special Type
4 150 65 20 2.0/3.0 300 Common Type
5 200 65 20 2.0/3.0 350 Special Type